SAQ da Grimeton, 1 Luglio 2012

We will remind you of the Grimeton Radio/SAQ transmissions on 17.2 kHz, CW, with the Alexanderson alternator on Sunday July 1, 2012 ,“Alexanderson Day”, at 09:00 UTCand 12:00 UTC. We will start tuning up some 30 minutes before message.The radio station is open to visitors.There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call […]


Terremoto in Emilia Romagna: un pensiero da Radio Cina Internazionale

Ricevo questa inaspettata email da Radio Cina Internazionale.Una piccolo cosa in fondo ma e’ importante quando c’e’ qualcuno che soffre e sapere che dalla lontana Cina hanno voluto fare il bel gesto di scrivermi in quanto italiano, emiliano e modenese nello specifico, l’ho molto apprezzato.Per cio’ che mi concerne, abito abbastanza lontano dall’epicentro da non […]


Fine settimana lungo

Iniziamo con gli appuntamenti previsti da domani sabato 17 Dicembre 2011 17-12-2011 (sabato)Radio City, 9510 kHz (9.00 – 10.00 UTC)Radar Radio Serbia, 2023kHz (20.00 – 23.00 UTC) 18-12-2011 (domenica)07.52 to 14.00 UTC on 7600//5800KHz – FRS-Holland08.00 to 09.00 UTC on 9480 KHz – Atlantic 2000 International09.00 to 10.00 UTC on 9480 KHz – Radio Saxonia09.00 […]


Medium Wave 1368 kHz and 1566 kHz improvements

Comunicazione da IRRS Hello There from IRRS-Shortwave & Mediumwave in Milano, Italy, Just a short note to inform our European listeners that our technicians just made a couple of improvements to the stations in Padova on 1368 kHz and in Rome on 1566 kHz. Transmitter power in Padova was slightly raised to 10 kW while […]


SAQ: 03 Luglio 2011

We will remind you of the Grimeton Radio/SAQ transmissions on 17.2 kHz, CW,with the Alexanderson alternator on Sunday July 3, 2011 ,”Alexanderson Day”,at 09:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC. We will start tuning up some 30 minutes before message.The radio station is open to visitors.QSL-reports are kindly received:– E-mail to: – or fax to: +46-340-674195– […]


FRS-Holland, 7685 kHz, Domenica 19 Giugno 2011

Dopo i test eccoci alla preannunciata trasmissione di FRS-Holland che andar’ in onda Domenica 19 Giugno.Questo e’ il messaggio di Peter Verbruggen a riguardo Next Sunday (June 19th) FRS-Holland will be on air with full programming. Opposite to our usual broadcasts, this one will take place in the evening hours between 16:52- 22:00 UTC/ 18:52- […]


Trasmissioni test di MV Baltic Radio

Tom Taylor comunica: MV Baltic Radio is on 6140 and 9480 this Weekend Dear Listeners,MV Baltic Radio is on the air this Weekend the 4th and 5th of June 2011. 5th of June: 6140 khz, and the time slot will be 0900 to 1000 utc. 4th / 5th of June: Test Transmissions will be on […]


Radio Nord Revival

Ricopio da Radio Nord Revival will be on the air 24/7 during the weekend of May 27-29 on MW 603 and 1512 kHz plus on SW at times which will be announced before regular transmissions start. Programmes are in Swedish unless otherwise noted and will contain lots of vintage Radio Nord-jingles and commercials, music […]


FRS Test 22-05-2011

Giro come e’ arrivata. Dear FRS Friends,In preparation of a full and regular FRS 3rd Sunday broadcast in June (19th), we will do two short 15 minute tests tomorrow Sunday May 22nd. The tests will only last some 15 minutes and will be aired on 7685 kHz (7600 is occupied in the afternoon).The first test […]


Radio Gloria, MV Baltic Radio, Radio City

News da Tom Taylor Radio Gloria is on 6140 khz this Sunday Dear Listeners,Radio Gloria is on the air this Sunday the 24th of April 2011. The frequency will be 6140 khz, and the time slot will be 1300 to 1400 utc.Also via between 15-16 UTC Address: Radio Gloria International Email: radiogloria@aol.comBox 540109D – […]

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