SAQ da Grimeton, 24 Dicembre 2012

Nuova trasmissione natalizia da Grimeton. Qui l’annuncio ufficiale Transmission on Christmas Eve 24 DecemberWe plan for a traditional transmission on Christmas Eve Monday 24 December. We plan to start the transmitter at 07:30 UTC and will be on air a few minutes later. A message will be sent at 08:00 UTC. The frequency is […]


SAQ da Grimeton, 1 Luglio 2012

We will remind you of the Grimeton Radio/SAQ transmissions on 17.2 kHz, CW, with the Alexanderson alternator on Sunday July 1, 2012 ,“Alexanderson Day”, at 09:00 UTCand 12:00 UTC. We will start tuning up some 30 minutes before message.The radio station is open to visitors.There will be activity on amateur radio frequencies with the call […]


SAQ ci riprova il 10 Gennaio

Dopo la triste vigilia di Natale senza SAQ, da Grimeton annunciano che Extra test transmission on Tuesday 10th JanuaryWe believe that we have found the trouble with the alternator on Christmas Eve and put it right.Probably we may use the antenna for a short while on Tuesday 10th January, so we are planning a test […]

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    R2 Moderate
    R1 Minor
    Solar flux is a measurement of the intensity of solar radio emissions with a wavelength of 10.7 cm (a frequency of about 2800 MHz).
    The value broadcast is in solar flux units that range from a theoretical minimum of about 50 to numbers larger than 300.
    The A and K indices are a measurement of the behavior of the magnetic field in and around the earth.
    The K index uses a scale from 0 to 9 to measure the change in the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field.

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