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A volte basta sintonizzarsi sulle giuste frequenza, altre bisogna cogliere l’attimo, altre ancora serve fortuna e qui rappresentiamo un po’ tutti questi casi.
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Radio Station UVB-76 (The Buzzer).
Rieti – 22/11/2009
Receiver: Sangean ATS 909
Antenna: Pa0rdt Mini Whip

Number Station E07 – Complete message –
Degen DE1103 + PA0RDT Mini Whip + Caterina Duck


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    Radio blackouts are graded on a scale of R1 to R5 as follows:
    Radio Blackouts Descriptor
    R5 Extreme
    R4 Severe
    R3 Strong
    R2 Moderate
    R1 Minor
    Solar flux is a measurement of the intensity of solar radio emissions with a wavelength of 10.7 cm (a frequency of about 2800 MHz).
    The value broadcast is in solar flux units that range from a theoretical minimum of about 50 to numbers larger than 300.
    The A and K indices are a measurement of the behavior of the magnetic field in and around the earth.
    The K index uses a scale from 0 to 9 to measure the change in the horizontal component of the geomagnetic field.

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